Bolted Shelving



It’s the ideal system for manual storage of light loads, used for small part storage, archiving and filing. Bolted shelving is not only versatile but are also easy to assemble. The shelf levels are adjustable to allow storage of different sized items.

Bolt-less Shelving




The Boltless Shelving is equally suited for warehouse and office environments; easily configurable for a number of different applications. From low level hand-loaded shelving, to high-rise systems. Being joined together with rivets, this shelving can be fitted at their length, width and height randomly. This type of shelving has a nice looking, fast and easy to disassemble and assemble without special tools. The shelf can be equipped with steel shelf, wood shelf or wire mesh deck.


Gondola Shelving


Gondola shelving is an easy  bolt-less system.  Manufactured from high quality steel and powder coated in a white or cream finish.  This system can either be wall mounted or free standing and assembled single or double sided.  Infill panels are available, either solid or perforated with various size pegboard hooks.  This light duty system consisting of double slotted uprights for add on units makes it even more economical. Weight capacity per shelf spread loaded 100kg.

Library Shelving


The library offers exceptional flexibility. This system is designed to attempt to ionary and mobile storage. This gives you the ability to easily to expand and relocate to your needs.

Mobile Shelving


Only one movable aisle eliminates the need for multiple static aisles. Lockable storage systems securely store high-value goods and documentation. Fully-adjustable shelves accommodate products in any shape, size and weight. Dust free storage environment due to sealed unit and rubber seals.

Wire Shelving & Baskets

Wire Shelving & Baskets Open-wire design shelving minimises dust accumulation, allows a free circulation of air, and great visibility of stores items.
Adjustable shelves can be repositioned at precise 25mm increments along the length of the numbered posts.

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