Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking   Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is made up of two main components used in different strength
according to the application required.  Upright end frames and beams.   
Upright end frames are available in three different strength grades: standard, medium, 
heavy duty. Beams are available in open, boxed sections and seamless sections.
Various standard end frame and beam sizes available according to your needs.


Drive-in  Racking


This is a cost effective solution to high density storage.  Drive in pallet racking
load and retrieve from the same side, creating last in first out.


Drive-through Racking


Drive through pallet racking load from one side and unload from the other to create
first in first out retrieval, forklifts can enter from either aisles.


Live Racking


Pallets are loaded on rollers, sloping toward the pick face.  When you remove a pallet 
gravity and an automatic breaking system bring the pallets stacked behind it to the
front of the rack at a controlled pace.


Cantilever Racking


Cantilever racking is a beam anchored at one end only.  The load is held by the 
arm which transfers the weight to the supporting upright beam. It is primarily
used for bulky storage such as steel piping and timber decking.


Mini Racking


Capture Capture 

Mini Racking is a light duty racking system consisting of end frames and sigma beams.
A unit has a maximum weight capacity of 4 tons.  Beams are designed in a boxed or 
sigma shape and carries up to 600kg per level.  It is also a bolt-less system and height 
adjustable.  These free standing units can either be decked with wood, steel or mesh.
End frame heights                  Beam Sizes
1800mm h                               1800mm L
2100mm h                               2100mm L
2400mm h                               2400mm L
2700mm h                               2700mm L
3000mm h


High-bay Racking


High-bay racking is a racking construction which can reach the height of up to 40 meters.
This is ideal to increase storage volume in the minimum space and products can be
transferred easily from one aisle to another.  The advantages of this racking system is to 
reduce in construction time and to utilize storage space to the full height.


Accessories for Racking

 Wooden Decking SA Pine  

Wooden Decking SA Pine

Decks can either be slatted or solid, with a wing of 55mm to secure the wooden deck from falling through the beam space.  In either 25mm or 38mm thick.

 Steel Decking  

Steel Decking

Steel decks are manufactured in sizes of 305mm that fits exactly in our standard beam sizes.


Wire Mesh Decking

The wire mesh deck is manufactured from 6mm pre-galvanised wire and carries up to 2 tons per beam level.  Sizes are made to fit and allows for chemical spillages and more light to the levels.


End Frame Protectors

To secure the posts against pallet trucks and forklifts.  End frame protectors are welded according to overall width of the end frame and with a height of 800mm using a boxes beam.  Protectors are raw bolted to the cement and painted yellow for easy visibility.

Other protectors available


3 Legged End Frames

Our 3 legged end frame design allows the client to a more space saving option. End frames are build with 3 posts and bracing creating the extra end frame.  The middle beam carries 60% of the weight loading and the two side beams carries 20% each.  Three beams are fitted per level and this creates more pallet locations.


Safety Pin

They prevent unintentional beam uplift and possible dislodgement of your beams, that can be caused by forklifts.


Bolt on Foot

To secure racking directly onto the ground.


Row Spacer

Keep the space between rack rows uniform.

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