Standard Wide Aisle Pallet Racking


Wide aisle pallet racking is the most frequently utilised system for storing palletised unit loads. Manufactured and supplied in either single sided or double sided runs. Adjustable pallet racking offers direct access to every pallet


Narrow Aisle Racking


Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking is your ultimate space-saving option if your warehousing or storage floor space is limited. It’s a system perfectly suited for convenient pallet storage and retrieval or for fast order-picking straight from the pallet.

Drive In Pallet Racking


Drive in pallet rack is a high density storage system used in warehouses to store pallets on a first in/last out (FILO) basis. Pallets are loaded and retrieved from the front side of the rack and forklift trucks drive directly into the rack’s bays to get to the stored product.


Gravity Flow Pallet Racking


Pallet flow storage systems use a combination of elevated rails and dynamic components (wheels, rollers, conveyors) within a rack supported structure. Flow systems put the power of gravity to work.


Push Back Racking


An accumulative storage system that allows up to four pallets deep to be stored per level. All of the pallets of each level, except the top one, are placed on a set of trolleys that are pushed along rolling rails. Push-back is ideal for storing medium-turnover products, with two or more pallets per stock keeping unit (using the Last In First Out (or LIFO) system).


Push Back Roller Racking


Ideal for the storage of bulk goods, Push Back Roller racking can provide up to a 75% increase in storage capacity when compared to conventional racking systems. Working on a FILO principle, pallets stored are pushed back into the racking by the next loaded pallet, and roll forward to the front when being picked, allowing for a smooth and easy pick and deposit system.


Carton Flow Racking


The Carton Flow Rack system, also called Carton Live Storage, permits high density storage of cartons and light products, leading to savings in space and improved stock turnover control. The Carton flow racking system reduces distances covered in the warehouse and saves operating time, so it perfectly adapts to warehouses with a large volume of manual picking operations.


Mini Racking


Mini Rack, similar to pallet racking, is made up of two main components: frames and beams. Mini Rack is a cost-effective, light duty system, ideal for smaller or bulkier, but lighter products.


Cantilever Racking


Cantilever racking is ideal for storing long, irregular and mixed loads, heavy items such as wood boards, tubes, building materials and coils. Improves safety, maximize storage space, handle large items faster Maximum utilisation of horizontal space

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