Steel Lockers

Lockers are manufactured from 0.6mm steel powder coated in hammertoe grey or ivory. Available in: single door, double door, four door, six door 

1800mm h x 300mm w x 450mm d


Wire Lockers

available in: single door, double door, four door

1800mm h x 300mmw x 450mm d


Stationary Cabinets

Cabinets are available in two sizes: full size 1800mm h x 900mm w x 450mmd fitted with four shelves. Colours are available in grey or ivory.

Half size: 900mm h x 900mm w x 450mm d fitted with two shelves


4 Drawer filing cabinet

1330mm h x 480mm w x 630mm d


Mount Safety Step Ladders

Ladders are fitted with a non slip tread and hand railing. Castors consisting of 2x fixed, and 2x swivel with kick brakes, galvanized finish. 

Standard step width of 600mm
Standard ladder width of 920mm

Step 4: 990mm h (1930*)
Step 6: 1490mm h (2330*)
Step 8: 1990mm h (2830*)
Step 10: 2490mm h (3330*)
Step 12: 2740mm h (3830*)


Mineral Case Trolleys

Height: 1230mm h
Width: 300mm w
Weight capacity: 225kg
Total cases: 5

Folding Nose Trolley

Height: 1050mm h
Width: 495mm w / 625mm w / 680mm w
Weight capacity: 225
Wheel diameter: 200mm


Picking Trolleys

2 Tier Picking Trolley

890mm h x 515mm w x 920mm d
Wheel diameter: 100mm
Weight capacity: 240kg


3 Tier Picking Trolley

890mm h x 515mm w x 920mm d
Wheel diameter: 125mm
Weight capacity: 240kg


Store bins

Manufactured from acid resistant co-polymers, the bins have reinforced sides for stacking and recessed lips for panel storage. Bins are slotted to contain a plastic divider creating more usable storage space for small parts.

size 1: 135mm d x 70mm h x 105mm w
size 2: 185mm d x 70mm h x 105mm w
size 3: 275mm d x 120mm h x 140mm w
size 4: 380mm d x 170mm h x 205mm w
size 5: 380mm d x 170mm h x 420mm w

A wide variety of colours availible



Louvre panels are made from 1.6mm steel.  All panels have a standard width of 457mm and although the standard colour is white, we also powder coat the items as required. Panels can either be wall mounted or fitted to our custom made stands.

457mm w x 457mm h
457mm w x 914mm h
457mm w x 1524mm h
457mm w x 1829mm h
457mm w x 2438mm h

Capture   Handrail and turn styles



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